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Alabama Skateboarding

Reset Mercantile was founded by two lifelong friends, Chad Foreman and Justin April who both grew up in Dothan. Chad moved away to California in 1999 to start skateboarding companies, but his family has always lived in Dothan and still does to this day. Justin was born in New York and moved to Dothan when he was a kid and also fell in love with skateboarding.

Justin currently lives in Dothan with his wife and daughter and runs the shop on a day-to-day basis, as well as owns The Local, a Dothan-based magazine that serves the Wiregrass proudly. Chad lives in San Diego and is the CEO and Co-Founder of Two Two4 Media, a creative marketing and content creation agency. He's also a partner of Fallen Footwear and Arcade Belts. Fallen is a skateboarding footwear brand that was started in 2003, and Arcade makes the best, most comfortable belts in the world.  

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